4-H Public Speaking
  • Northwest District Activity Day Pilot Study (2007) found that 4-H of all ages, genders, levels of experience, and even performance scores experienced significant learning about goal setting, communication, organization, research, and content areas and applied their knowledge to a variety of school, club, and personal interests and community service
  • Statewide Presentation Contest Study (2010) will seek to document experiences in selecting topics and preparing, presenting, improving, gaining skills, and applying knowledge from presentation projects.

Learning Life Skills at Camp
  • Millstone Junior Camp Life Skills Observations (2008). Trained counselors observed campers in a variety of formal and informal settings and rated changes in eight life skills: listening skills, conflict resolution, making friends, problem solving, taking on new adventures, independence, practicing camp traditions, and connecting with Nature. Significant pre-/post differences were found for all eight areas, but no differences were detected for gender and only minor differences for age, race, or camp experience.