Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers to Frequently Asked Questions await your review. The E-CoP needs a good rubric for formal review, but your participation in the Discussion Forum or private feedback to the writer would be appreciated.

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Initial List of FAQs

1. What is program evaluation?
2. What are the standards of an effective program evaluation?
3. Is program evaluation different from research?
4. What are the different types of evaluation?
5. What are the benefits of conducting program evaluation?
6. What are the challenges of conducting program evaluation?
7. When should you conduct an Extension program evaluation?
8. How is program planning and program evaluation related?
9. How do you design a program evaluation?
10. How do you focus an evaluation?
11. What are the steps in conducting a program evaluation?
12. How do you determine the program evaluation purpose?
13. What is a program logic model?
14. How is a program logic model related to program evaluation?
15. What is and how do you develop a program evaluation purpose statement?
16. What is an outcome objective?
17. What is a program indicator and program target?
18. What are quantitative approaches to program evaluation?
19. What are qualitative approaches to program evaluation?
20. What are methods of gathering data for conducting program evaluation?
21. How do you determine what data methods to collect?
22. What methods are best before the program is conducted?
23. What methods are best while the program is conducted?
24. What methods are best after the program is conducted?
25. What is program assessment?
26. What is program process evaluation?
27. How do you develop the questions for a program evaluation?
28. What are measurement issues to consider during program evaluation?
29. How do I get started with a program evaluation?
30. What are some keys to successful program evaluation?
31. How and when do I plan a program evaluation?
32. What is evaluation?
33. What is outcome-based program evaluation?
34. What is a program outcome and how do you evaluate or measure them?
35. What kinds of programs are best suited for outcome-based program evaluation?
36. Do I have to evaluate every Extension program I conduct?
37. How do I choose outcomes for my program?
38. What are the levels of evaluation?
39. What is the CIPP model for program evaluation?
40. How do I develop evaluation questions?
41. When should you plan a program evaluation?
42. What are some key program evaluation planning terms? Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts, Indicators
43. What is program logic?
44. What are the components of an Extension Program Logic Model? Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts, assumptions, environment
45. What is the difference between program outcomes and program inputs?
46. What are program outcome indicators?
47. What are the key components of the Bennett's Levels of Evidence? Inputs - activities - involvement - reactions - KASA - practice changes - end result
48. What are different program evaluation methods that I can use?
49. How to you determine what program evaluation method to choose?
50. What are basic principles in designing an evaluation survey instrument?
51. What general considerations are important in selecting questions?
52. What are common forms of evaluation survey questions? Open, binary, multiple choice, combinations
53. When should you use different forms of survey questions?
54. How many questions should be on a program evaluation survey?
55. What are the steps in preparing a program evaluation survey for use?
56. What are common problems with survey questions?
57. How do program participants with low literacy abilities impact a program evaluation survey?
58. How may program participant survey responses do I need in a program evaluation?
59. What is a sample?
60. How do I determine when to use a sample in evaluation?
61. What do I do about a low response rate to my program evaluation survey?
62. How do I analyze data from a program evaluation survey?
63. How should I report program evaluation results from a survey?
64. What is a focus group?
65. How do you plan a focus group study?
66. What are considerations when developing focus group questions?
67. How do you conduct a focus group?
68. What are traits of an effective focus group moderator?
69. How do you analyze data from a focus group?
70. How do I report program evaluation results from a focus group?