Focusing an Evaluation
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Determining Readiness to Evaluate (Evaluability)
PARE Evaluability Assessment

Strategy: Purpose, Approach, Theory
USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service-Evaluation Design
Wikispaces-Evaluation Approaches
Parker-Dunigan Strategies for Evaluation
CDC-Cost Analysis Purposes
Cost Analysis Purposes (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service-Types of Evaluation
Public Works-Evaluation Types

Deciding What to Evaluate
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Deciding what to monitor and evaluate
A New Approach to Evaluation

Developing an Evaluation Plan (indicators, data sources, etc.)
University of Wisconsin Extension
Planning an Evaluation (Taylor-Powell, Steele, & Douglah 1996)
Logic Model Tutorial

Managing an Evaluation
Managing an Evaluation (University of Tasmania)
Kellogg Foundation Budget Framework (Kellogg Evaluation Kit)
Evaluation Center E-Budget Checklist.pdf

Deciding what to monitor and evaluate (International Fund for Agricultural Development)