Evaluation Methods
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Types/Appropriate Use/Advantages-Disadvantages/Sample Tools and Methods
Evaluation & Research Methods

Sample Tools
Informal Science Assessment Tools (Harvard PEARweb)

Data Collection Approaches
Data Collection Approaches (Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Data Collection Issues

Sampling Approaches (Taylor-Powell, 1998)
Determining Sample Size (Israel, 2009)
Sampling Non-response (Israel, 2009)
Sampling Evidence of Extension Program Impact (Israel, 2009)

Sources and Methods
Sources & Methods (Taylor-Powell & Steele, 1996)
Mixed Methods Evaluation Handbook (National Science Foundation)
Mixed Methods Evaluation (Harvard Evaluation Exchange)

Developing Evaluation Questions
Engaging Stakeholders in Writing Evaluation Questions (RW Johnson Foundation)
Developing Evaluation Questions (Kellogg Evaluation Kit)
Developing Evaluation Questions (Mid-Continent Comprehensive Center, University of Oklahoma/US Dept of Ed)


Collecting Evaluation Data: Surveys (Taylor-Powell, 2000)
End-of-Session Questionnaire (Taylor-Powell & Renner, 2009)
End-of-Meeting Questionnaire (Rennekamp)
Documenting Practice Change with Mail Qrs (Rennekamp)
Post-then-Pre Retrospective Evaluations (Rockwell & Kohn, 1989)

Designing Test Questionnaires (UT-Chattanooga)


Authentic Assessment
Authentic Assessment (Jonathan Mueller)

Focus Groups
Using Focus Group Interviews for Planning and Evaluating (Israel & Galindo-Gonzalez, 2011)
Conducting Focus Groups (Community Health Toolbox, University of Kansas)
Focus and Other Group Activities (University of Illinois Extension)

Qualitative Interviews (Sewell)
Conducting Interviews (Community Health Toolbox, University of Kansas)
Approaches to Interviewing (Kellogg Evaluation Kit)
Preparing Interviews (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

Observational/Judging Rubrics
Collecting Evaluation Data-Direct Observation (Taylor-Powell & Steele, 1996)
Using Non-participant Observers (Rennekamp)

Adapting Methods and Measures to Diverse Audiences
Using Culturally-sensitive Methodologies (Baugh & Guion, 2006)

Measurement Indicators and Instruments
Character Education Assessment Index
Compendium of Assessment and Research Tools (CART: Mid-Am Research)
CDC Youth School Health Indicators
Washington Extension Life Skills Evaluation System