Designing an Evaluation
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Evaluation Questions and Designs

UDSA Food Safety & Inspection Service-Evaluation Design

Evaluation Designs and Approaches
National Center for Mental Health Promotion/Youth Violence Prevention

Developing Process Evaluation Questions
CDC Healthy Youth Fact Sheet

Matching Evaluation Goals and Methods
Design of Community-based Evaluations (Univ of AZ Extension)

Matching Evaluation Questions to Logic Model Levels
Linking Levels to USDA Outcome Reporting (Hewitt, 2007)

Community Health Toolbox (University of Kansas)

Understanding and Applying Indicators
Prioritizing Indicators (UNICEF)

Development of NY State Health Indicators

Generating Evaluation Questions (for audience, culture, context, purpose, stakeholders)
Adapting Measures to Hard-to-Reach Audiences (Earthman, et al, 1999)

Types of Evaluation Designs
My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant (MEERA)

Types of Designs
Types of Designs (Social Research Methods Knowledge Base)

Adapting Designs to Program Limitations (sample size, time, resources)
Reducing Sample Size to Cut Costs (Verma & Burnett, 1996)