Colecting and Handling Data
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Data Preparation (Social Research Methods Knowledge Base)
Detangling Data Collection

Requirements for Human Subjects Evaluation/Research

Working with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
What Extension staff need to know about...
Working with 2+ IRBs (Betts, Peterson, & McDonald, 2005)
Obtaining Consent (Brown, Martin, & Weigel, 2005)
Recruiting Participants (Brown, Martin, & Weigel, 2004)
Working with Native American IRB Boards (McDonald, Peterson, & Betts, 2005)
IRB Risks and Benefits (Weigel, Brown, & Martin, 2005)

Conduct of Focus Groups and Interviews
Focus Groups (Marczak & Sewell, 1998)
Conducting a Focus Group (Simon)

Key Informant Interviews
Key Informant InterviewsUS-AID Guide
Key Informants (Community Health Toolbox, University of Kansas)
In-depth Interviews
Drawings as a Means of Assessment (Evans & Reilly, 1999)

Strategies for Effective Data Collection
(consent, timing, facilitation, setting, non-disruptive, working with special populations)

Critique Tools for Reliability and Validity
Reliability & Validity: What's the Difference?

Reliability (Research Methods Knowledge Base)

Validity (Colorado State Writing Guide)

Construct Validity (Social Research Methods Knowledge Base)

Use Technology for Data Collection (web surveys, photo techniques)

Microsoft Excel
Using Excel to Analyze Survey Data (Leahy, 2004)
Data Analysis and Interpretation