Communicating Evaluation Results
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Evaluating Community-based Programs (Univ of AZ Extension)
Community-based Project Evaluation Guide (Callor, et al., 2000)
Planning and Evaluation Resource Center (Tufts University)
Reporting Evaluation Results (Taylor & Arrington,1993)
Using Graphics to Report Evaluation Results (Minter & Michaud, 2003)
Creating a Meaningful Evaluation Report
Demonstrating Public Value (Kalambokidis, 2004)
Multiple Links on Extension Public Value (Michael Newman, 2011)

Match Report Content to Audience Needs
Use Evaluation Data to Share Lessons Learned (CDC)

Know Standard Content

Types of Evaluation Reports (full report, executive summary, impact statement/success story, marketing materials, media strategies, scholarly dissemination)

Success Story

Developing Recommendations