Analyzing and Interpreting Data
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Basic Concepts
Phases of Data Analysis (Israel, 2009)
Analyzing Survey Data (Israel, 2009)

Analyzing Qualitative Data (Taylor-Powell, 1996)
Analysis of a Juvenile Justice Program

Descriptive Statistics

Research Methods Knowledge Base
Descriptive Statistics (Social Research Methods)

Inferential Statistics (assumptions, properties, limitations; parametric and non-parametric, data diagnostics, limitations)

Research Methods Knowledge Base
Inferential Statistics (Social Research Methods)

Data Analysis (software packages)

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Cost Analysis in Evaluation (Sewell & Marczek, 1999)
Cost-Benefit: Economic Value (Richardson & Moore, 2002)
Cost-Benefit Impact Statements (O’Neill & Richardson, 1999)

Interpretations and Conclusions
Evaluating Program Impact through Data Analysis (Israel, 2009)